Pecan Harvest Is In for 2015

pecans in stainless bowlWhile the drought has wreaked havoc on our small orchard here in North Texas, we still managed to get some really nicely filled pecans from the trees that we intensively manage on the top three acres of our property.  Granted, we would have loved to get the production from the lower ten acres as well, but nature was not cooperative.

We will have plenty of pecans for our own use and were able to sell a number of pounds to friends and co-workers this year just in time for Christmas holiday baking.  We just got our last batch back from the shellers and it looks like we’ll have 20 or so pounds for sale this coming week.  We just need to do a quality inspection before releasing them for sale.  If interested in purchasing, please contact me.  Shelled pecans are currently selling for $10/lb through January 31, 2016.


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